What is acceptable promoting?

You have many options to promote this site safely!

1.. Splash pages which are provided
. 2.. Banners which are provided

You can also venture off on your own and create:

1.. Text ads
2.. Your own splash pages
3. Your own banners
4. The sky is the limit (kinda..)

When creating your own works of art please be mindful of what this site is all about...
Log Cabin Traffic is a manual Traffic Exchange, we agree to exchange our offerings to each other.
(this is not a pay per click site)

Our members are entrepreneurs! Not laborers!

We are all here to actively and creatively learn and grow our business, service or activity...

Viewing sites is a required function for how this site works! That's how we share...

Now I do provide awards and bonuses and this is done to entertain and help make the page
viewing an enjoyable activity while we are getting views to our own offerings
(websites, banners, hotlinks & solos etc)

Now for an actual example of an ad posted in a forum that was created by a member....

Register bonus 500 credits (surf 25 pages)
Earn 0.50$+ daily, 0.90$+ on the weekends
10.00$ Min Cashout on Paypal
Link if you wanna join:

Actually you can advertise something like this only if you change your statement and how it's presented ..

"I'm a Free Guest VIP member at this great traffic exchange site and was awarded up to 0.50$
a day several times and up to as much as 0.90$ on a couple
of weekends...check it out for yourself it's a FREE Traffic Exchange site"

CAUTION: The important thing is that the statement must be factual and provable...and above all not deceptive!
if this is what your awards were daily or on a weekend basis then you can promote
this kind of statement. (basically a truthful testimony)

But you cannot state or convey that you WILL EARN .50 and .90! There is no guarantee
of payment amount here for number of sites visited, this site is not a pay per click site,
these are awards and bonuses and all is subject to change, amounts, frequency etc...

You may share your actual factual experience but I caution everyone on the way you
present the promotion because if it's not factual and I hear about it or I receive complaints
I will have to delete your account and you will loose everything!

If you have any doubts as to what is an acceptable promotion of this site, ask me, send me
a link, or ad copy and I'll advise you. Don't take a chance with your account...

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