Frequently Asked Questions

Making Money

- How do I make money!

Guest VIP Memberships

- How do I get a FREE Guest VIP Membership

Cash - Awards & Bonuses

- How can I cash out?
- What can I do with my cash awards & bonuses?
- What happens to my awards if you close the site?

Credits - Award & Bonus

- Where are my Join Credits?
- What is a 'progressive ratio'?
- What is a Next Day Bonus?
- Won't all the contests be won by Upgraded Members?
- Is there Any other ways to Earn Credits?
- How do I allocate credits to my site(s)?

Banner Exchange

- What is a Banner Exchange?

Banner Maintenance

- What code do I enter to setup my banner?

Downline Builder/Club

- What is a Downline Builder/Club?

Prize Pages

- What are these MJDLB prize pages all about?
- What about the other prize pages?

Promoting Log Cabin Traffic

- What is acceptable promoting?

How Do I Setup A Website For Rotation?

- How do I setup my website?
- Why does my site have a R Status

Miscellaneous Questions

- Why am I not getting any signups or sales?
- Why didn't I get my activation email?
- Why don't you have a Auto Surf Function?
- How do I win the Word Bonus
- Is there a limit to the number of sites I can surf?

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